2021 International Conference on Industrial Technology and Engineering Management(ICITEM2021)
Welcome Prof. Shijian Lu from China University of Petroleum (East China), China to be committee member!

Welcome Prof. Shijian Lu from China University of Petroleum (East China), China to be committee member!

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Prof. Shijian Lu from Sinopec Petroleum Engineering Corporation and China University of Petroleum (East China), China

Research Area: 

CCUS and waste gas treatment research and development

Research Experience:

    Lu Shijian, male, Ph.D., professor, born in November 1984, registered first-class constructor, PMP. He has been engaged in the research and achievement transformation of CO2 capture and emission reduction technology, flue gas desulfurization and denitrification technology, acid gas injection technology for nearly 10 years. Now, he is the leader of waste gas treatment team and project manager of Sinopec Petroleum Engineering Corporation.

    Participated in 2 research projects of national science and technology support plan, 1 sub project of national key R & D plan, 7 research projects of Sinopec Group Company, successively presided over or participated in the first CO2 capture and displacement storage project in China, "40000 t/a CCUS full process demonstration project of Shengli Oilfield", the largest coal-fired power plant CO2 capture and salt water injection project in China More than ten key projects, including 150000 t/a CO2 capture and geological storage project of Jinjie power plant, the first acid gas injection project in China, "Tahe Oilfield acid gas permanent storage project", Asian carbon capture and test platform "carbon capture and purification project of China Resources Haifeng power plant", have applied for 76 patents and obtained 41 patent authorizations, published more than 80 papers, and obtained software copyright One is authorized; one is edited and compiled, and two are translated; four provincial and ministerial level science and technology progress awards and five bureau level science and technology progress awards have been won, and the output value of scientific research achievements has reached 264 million yuan, contributing to the science and technology progress and industrial development of CCUs technology and waste gas treatment technology in China. He has successively won the 10th "Hou Debang chemical science and Technology Youth Award", the "Top Ten Outstanding Young post experts" of Sinopec Group, and the "Min Enze young scientific and technological talents Award" of Sinopec Group.